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Preschool Curriculum

Prepare for the Future

Preschool Curriculum

St. Peter Preschool uses a variety of techniques and programs to properly assess and plan for your child. We purposefully structure our lesson plans according to the developmental level of our children. Teachers consider and assess over 36 objectives that successfully prepare children for the social, emotional, and academic expectations of grade school. These objectives are organized by child development and content learning. While we meet children at their readiness level, we also challenge children to grow. If the student is meeting the standard we enrich and extend learning. If the student has not yet mastered the standard, then we provide engaging activities during centers, small group, and individual time to help the student with mastery. Parents are able to view teacher lesson plans on a weekly basis.

We incorporate Handwriting without Tears ( for handwriting and literacy instruction. HWT uses a hands-on, multisensory approach which stimulates students’ confidence and enthusiasm. Based on developmentally appropriate sequencing, teachers guide students’ learning through imitation, copying, and independent writing.

Math Their Way ( teaches basic math skills and fosters problem solving. Using real materials and manipulatives, students understand the concept behind the mathematical method. Concepts studied include: patterns, counting, comparing, graphing, classifying, symbols, and place value.

We focus on teaching students the basic foundation of faith. Through the One in Christ curriculum (, students learn Bible stories such as the story of Creation, Noah and the Flood, the Good Samaritan, the Christmas Story, and the Easter Story and how these relate to their lives today. Students learn Bible verses through song and hand motions. Chapel reinforces concepts from the week’s Bible lesson and verse.

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