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Program Offerings

2 yrs. Old: 

Days: Monday-Thursday    9:00am –  12:00pm 

Monday-Thursday    9:00am -2:00pm

3 - 5 yrs. Old:

Days: Monday-Friday    9:00am –  2:00pm


The two-day program focuses on essential core knowledge in literacy, mathematics, language, cognitive processes, science, and gross and fine motor skills. 


The three-day program also focuses on core knowledge, Each week, we have Discovery Days that turn core knowledge into sensory, expericntial learning. Whether working in the garden or building a strong fort, students explore their surroundings with real-world applications.


The five-day program also focuses on core knowledge. Students are offered more one on one time with the teachers and are allowed to further explore concepts essential to core knowledge. Each week we have Discovery Days that turn core knowledge into sensory, experiential learning. 

Most importantly, St. Peter Preschool instills Christian teachings, attitudes, and principles. We will love and nurture your children! You want the best environment for your child. We want the best environment, too! We believe in positive reinforcement and positive redirection in a warm and respectful manner. 

If you would like to schedule a tour, please email Jennifer Murff at

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