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Making Church Services Today Work For Your Busy Family

When you're working to help your family grow in their faith, you know how important it is to get to worship together. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Between your busy work schedules, kids' sports, and other commitments, it's hard enough to find time to eat dinner together, much less get out of the house as a family unit and attend a church service.
Let's take a look at some ways that your family can work together to make attending family church services (and get move toward attending all year round, not just attending a Christmas Eve church service) a priority.
Talk with your kids. Don't simply mandate that they have to make time to go to church together. Talk with them about why it's important to you that your family grow in faith together, and ask them for their input. You may find that there are simple barriers that have been stopping you from worshipping together (such as your kids would prefer to go to an evening service). When you talk with your kids about why you want them to grow in their faith and listen to their heartfelt responses, you can go a long way in helping to make family worship a priority for everyone.
Check your own attitude about church. Do you talk about going to church as something that you look forward to, or do you talk about church as one more thing that you need to check off of your to do list? If you view going to church as a chore, it's likely that your kids will do the same. When you change your mindset about church from something that you have to do to something that you get to do, it's likely that you'll see that attitude ripple through your whole family.
Talk to your kids about how they'd like to be involved with church. They may be reluctant to go because they don't feel that they're a part of the community. Getting them involved in teen groups can be a fun way to get them engaged as a part of the church family. Be prepared for this conversation - your kids may be excited to add something else to your schedule. While it's important to be realistic about what your family can handle, be prepared to bend your schedules to accommodate options that your kids would like to pursue when it comes to growing their faith and fellowship.
When you're searching for church services today that meet the needs of your busy family, you need a church that's flexible and offers options for you to get together for worship. Whether that meets coming to church Sunday services, Wednesday night church, or getting the extended family together for big events like Christmas Eve church service, be sure to check out St Peter Church if you're in the Roanoke, Texas area. They offer contemporary worship services, and you're welcome to come as you are. If you prefer to get decked out in your Sunday best, fantastic. If you prefer to come in jeans or whatever else is comfortable to you, perfect. At St Peter Church, they don't care how you and your family show up to church services today - they just want you to show up. Joining the family together for worship is a great way to grow and strengthen your faith. If you're on the search for a church that provides church Sunday services and/ or Wednesday night church, be sure to stop in to St Peter Church to see if the services they offer are a good fit for the needs of your Roanoke family.